• Better Identification: diameters marked on the sockets of the fittings.

• Installation facility: more visible markings on the sockets of the fittings allow the fitting to be aligned with the piping. complete line of fittings for installations up to 4 floors.

• Greater safety: Against stress which could cause damage to the piping, by means of the markings of alignment on the sockets.

• Leak free: fittings manufactured within the dimensions specified by the ASTM, ensuring perfect adjustment to the piping.

• Facility in inspecting PVC system by means of the inspection fittings (female adapter, fitting cleanout adapter etc).


1-1/4 100-3188 100
1-1/2 100-3189 100
2 100-3190 100
3 100-3191 60
4 100-3192 25
6 100-3193 15

• DWV molded fitting meet or exceed all performance specifications of ASTM D-2665.

• DWV molded fittings are manufactured using virgin PVC compound with a cell classification of 12454, Type 1, Grade 1 as defined in ASTM D-1784.

• DWV molded fittings conform to the geometries and patterns as defined in ASTM D-3311 and the geometries and patterns as defined in ASTM D-3311 and conform to ASTM F-1498, the standard for tapered pipe threads for thermoplastic fittings.