Since 2006 Tigre USA, a proud contributor to global leader Tigre Group, has been manufacturing PVC pipe fittings in Janesville, Wisconsin. From the beginning, Tigre USA set out to service North America with high quality fittings at competitive prices.

Tigre Group is one of the largest PVC manufacturers in the world. Tigre Group has a strong tradition of producing innovative, high quality products and sustainable, environmentally-friendly solutions.


Tigre USA continues to grow due to a few factors:

  • Consistent and reliable customer service
  • Nationwide distribution system
  • Modern manufacturing plant with a model for sustainable growth
  • Complete portfolio of fittings for Waterworks, Plumbing and HVAC.



Tigre USA works to build lasting, long-term partnerships with its customers. The sales structure provides the following benefits to all our customers:

  • Dedicated sales professional for every customer. Immediate assistance when needed
  • USA territory 100% Coverage
  • Immediate technical support
  • Solid customer service
  • Environment that promotes transparency and win-win relationships
  • Proactive on meeting market demands
  • Full understanding of each region needs in terms of products and services
  • Improve relationship with the whole chain, creating an environment of trust and confidence.

In addition to its sales structure, Tigre USA’s distribution system allows us to distribute products quickly with high fill rates within 24 hours.